How Dumpster Rentals Can Help You Recycle 2 Types of Energy Equipment

How Dumpster Rentals Can Help You Recycle 2 Types of Energy Equipment

4 December 2019
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Wind turbines and solar panels are the energy solution of the present and future. So much energy can be harnessed by both wind and sun power. However, despite the amazing ways in which these devices create energy without harming the environment, there will be times when they break and some parts will need to be recycled. If your solar or wind power installation company needs to remove a bunch of cracked and damaged solar panels or chunks of turbine, a dumpster rental can help. Here is how. 

Solar Panels

Solar panels are made of a special glass, combined with plastic in a metal framework. It makes them almost completely recyclable. When panels are shattered by heavy rocks and trees, the panels have to be replaced entirely. The damaged panels can be tossed into a rented dumpster, and the dumpster company can haul the damaged panels to any location where you want the panels deposited for recycling. It is the easiest means of transporting something that is so broken and will only continue to crack and fragment as it is moved. 

Bits of Turbine 

Wind turbines are massive. What looks like a tiny but oversized pinwheel toy in the air is far larger than most people realize. Yet, that does not make these machines impervious to damage. Tornadoes and hurricanes have been known to cause wind turbines incredible damage, sometimes ripping off propellers and sending these blades whipping through the air like boomerangs.

When that happens, the propellers are usually too badly damaged to reinstall on the towers from which they came. The biggest rental dumpsters you can get can collect the smaller chunks of metal from the blades, while the main (and larger parts) will have to be loaded unto a special flatbed truck for transport. Because the parts of blades cannot simply be welded back onto the turbine, the parts are taken to a steel recycling plant where they will be melted down and the metal reused for something else. 

Dumpsters for Days

When you are dealing with damaged energy components, you can rent a dumpster for a day or several days. You can secure the biggest dumpster possible, or a dumpster that is just big enough to accommodate what is broken. Most dumpster companies include delivery and recycling or disposal charges in the cost of the rental. Simply ask them for recommendations for dumpster size and duration as you describe your situation.