Keeping Your Commercial Vehicle Fleet Fueled

Keeping Your Commercial Vehicle Fleet Fueled

7 April 2020
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For companies that have large fleets of trucks or other diesel-powered vehicles, the logistics of keeping these vehicles supplied with fuel will be a major concern. Sadly, there are many businesses that will fail to implement some fairly basic steps that could greatly improve their ability to keep their vehicle fleet fueled.

Understand The Benefit Of Using Fuel Card Services

A fuel card service can be among the easiest options for keeping your vehicles fueled. These cards can be used at a range of fueling facilities, which will allow your employees to easily refill their vehicles if they find that they are running low on fuel. Furthermore, these cards can also make it much easier to track the fuel expenses of each driver, which can assist with determining when vehicles need repairs, drivers are taking inefficient routes, and other sources of waste. Lastly, these fuel cards will make it easier for the business to document a vehicle's fuel expenses so that the company can claim the allowable tax deductions for operating expenses.

Avoid Letting The Vehicles Go Without Maintenance For Too Long

The implementation of an effective maintenance program can be among the most impactful steps that a business can take to keep its vehicle fleet working reliably and efficiently. However, companies may not keep comprehensive records of the maintenance work and repairs that their vehicles have undergone. This can lead to problems with the vehicles being more likely. While it may seem like this will always cause vehicles to breakdown, it can also lead to less-efficient engine performance. As a result, firms with poorly maintained vehicle fleets can experience much higher fuel costs.

Consider Prepaying For Fuel

Like other types of fuel, the price of diesel can fluctuate substantially over the course of time. This is largely in response to the normal fluctuations in fuel demand as well as the impact that major events can have on the oil market. While it may seem like a business is completely exposed to these dramatic changes in fuel costs, many fuel services will allow commercial clients to prepay for future fuel reserves. This will allow the company to lock in the price on its fuel supplies during periods of low or otherwise favorable costs. For business leaders who assume that this will mean that they must store these fuel reserves on their own property, there are services that will hold this fuel until the firm needs it.

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